put out interesting article earlier this week about how researchers are working on developing specialized for construction sites. We’ve posted a few blogs about drones and how they are becoming more of a common tool in our industry.

Robots are construction’s next big thing. They can go paces and do a number of things a human can not. According to the article, “it’s unclear what role robotics will play in replacing or altering construction jobs, but the technology has been cited as a key path to moving beyond the industry’s well-known productivity gap. According to a McKinsey Research report, using digital tools in construction could lift productivity by 50% to 60% and create $1.6 trillion in value.”

“Automation will likely be one answer to solving construction’s chronic skilled labor shortage. Automating jobs such as digging and bricklaying — even in non-repeating arrangements — will enable more workers to shift their focus to other tasks and can help cut down on necessary labor and project timelines. And, for Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost, that makes automation an opportunity, not a threat, for the industry.”

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